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I am a pharmacist and PhD in Public Health. Actually, I am a Professor at the Federal University of Santa Catarina, a public university in South Brazil. My main teaching and research interests are pharmacy in public health settings, pharmaceutical education, social pharmacy and pharmaceutical policies and services. I supervise masters and PhD students and coordinate research and continuing education projects. During six years (2010-2016) I was a coordinator of the specialization in Pharmaceutical Services Management, a continuing education program for pharmacists working in the Unified Health System (the open access public health system). During this period, 2,500 pharmacists completed the course using e-learning tools and face-to-face meeting in all regions of the country. I am a member of the National Pharmacists FederationĀ“s board, the Coordinator of the National School of Pharmacists Association (an ONG) and a counselor of the Brazilian Council of Pharmacy. Since 2016 I am a ExCo member of the Social and Administrative Pharmacy Section of the International Pharmaceutical Federation. In 2016 I attended the Global Conference on Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Education in Nanjing as a Brazilian delegate.