Join us at the Global Deans Forum on 9 and 10 September

Each year at the FIP World Congress of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, the FIP AIM hosts a Dean’s Forum, inviting all representative Deans from the Faculties and Schools within the Membership to meet each other and discuss current and relevant topics in an international arena. Expert Speakers from around the world as well as innovative interactive opportunities are featured over the 2-day event, this year on 9 and 10 September:

E2 8th AIM Global Deans Forum Saturday 9 September 2017 09:00-17:30

E2 8th AIM Global Deans Forum Sunday 10 September 2017 09:00-12:00


As an AIM Member your school benefits from:

  • A global platform of discussion, leadership and shared challenges and successes between Deans and Leaders of Academic Institutes- Shared knowledge and resources 
at “decision-maker” levels through both in-person and online venues
  • An online Members platform within which to discuss topics, post documents and network with other Deans
  • Specialized sessions at the in-person Global Dean’s Forum running concurrently with the FIP Congress 
  • The opportunity to connect your Academic Staff to other Faculty professors from all over the world via the online Members area
  • Special Member profiling in the up-to-date Official World List of Pharmacy Schools  -  publicly profile your university and its academic opportunities, and within the Member Area gain access to specific contact details of Deans and institutional services.   
  • The Member-only opportunity to post career opportunities for staff, project leads and term positions to an international audience – only Members may post, but the world can view!
  • FIP Publications:  The international Pharmaceutical Journal, Monthly FIP Academic Institutional Newsletter with global information about Pharmacy Education and how your peers steer their School of Pharmacy,Access to the Pharmacy Education Journal, Newsletters and updates from across the FIP Education Initiative (FIPEd). 


For more information, please go to or send send an email to