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Ulf Janzon is a registered pharmacist in Sweden. He graduated as Master of Pharmacy in 1983 from the University of Uppsala, Sweden. Ulf started his career in Apoteket AB, at first in a retail pharmacy and then in a hospital pharmacy before joining the pharmaceutical industry (Pharmacia). At Pharmacia he started as a sales rep and two years later the later he was promoted to product manager in dermatology/infectious disease. He then spent ten years with the Nordic Council on Medicines, a joint Nordic (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway & Sweden) organisation under the Nordic Council of Ministers, most of the time as its Secretary-General. During this time Ulf Janzon also served as the Secretary to a Government Commission on the Swedish Supply System1992-1994. In 1998 he returned to the pharmaceutical industry and since 2002 he is Director Policy & Communications at MSD in Sweden. Ulf Janzon is active in several pharmaceutical organisations within Sweden including the Swedish Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry and the Swedish Pharmaceutical Insurance. He is an Executive Committee Member of the Industrial Pharmacy Section (Secretary) and a member of the Executive Committee of the Board of Pharmaceutical Practice (BPP), both within FIP. Ulf Janzon’s main areas of interest are broad policy matters, like finding new ways to improve health and to provide solutions to unmet medical need, always with the citizen/patient at the centre of the discussion. Within FIP he has been particularly engaged in topics such as a safe supply chain, pharmaceuticals in the environment, pharmacovigilance, patient information and translational medicine. On top of his agenda going forward are how to measure health, how to support citizens/patients in assuming responsibility for their own health and the role of the pharmacist in these areas.