77th FIP World Congress of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences 2017

Seoul, Republic of Korea • 10 - 14 September 2017

Medicines and beyond! The soul of pharmacy


New ways for pharmacy to provide more than just medicines

The 2017 FIP congress in Seoul, South Korea, invites an international audience of pharmacy professionals and pharmaceutical scientists to go beyond medicines and answer patients’ demand for high quality help and advice. At this year’s congress, the professional symposia will explore the many new ways that pharmacy professionals can add the value expected by modern health care systems and services. Sessions will show that tradition and dedication to patients’ health – the true soul of pharmacy – can be coupled with innovation in technology, education and practice to deliver care for the 21st century.

Seoul, the heart of the nation and home to 10 million national and foreign residents is a remarkable world-class city where contemporary lifestyle meets long-standing history. This vibrant city houses 266 cultural properties against a backdrop of towering skyscrapers, and serves as the proud epicentre of the Korean Wave pop culture phenomenon or Hallyu, attracting many from all over the world.

Multilingual signage, end-to-end public transportation system and eco-friendly technologies used throughout the city make Seoul a comprehensive and convenient city to travel and from European to African and Arabic to Asian, international cuisines with Korean traditional and modern gastronomy, all participants regardless of age, gender, ethnicity and religion shall be satis ed, all reasonable price range. Crime rates against nationals and foreign visitors are extremely low, in comparison to other major cities in the world (Sourced by UNODC).

Come and be amazed by this bustling city where thousands of years of ancient Korean culture mingle with globalization, urbanization and modernization on an unprecedented scale. 



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