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Dr. Yuh Lih Chang received his B.S. degree from school of pharmacy, National Defense Medical Center in 1991 and practiced as a staff pharmacist at Taipei Veterans General Hospital (VGHTPE) ever since. From 1994 to 2003, he served as a clinical pharmacist in several specialties including internal medicine, pediatrics and critical care. In 2003, he became chief pharmacist and assistant secretary of P&T committee in VGHTPE. In 2001, he got a Ph.D. degree in pharmacology at National Yang-Ming University (NYMU). Thereafter, he started to teach pharmacotherapy and clinical pharmacokinetics. From 2008 to 2009, he went to University of Washington, Seattle, as a visiting scholar to explore the pharmacy education, clinical services and research methods related to pharmaceutical care. He has been recruited as a adjunct assistant professor in the department of pharmacology, NYMU since 2009. In the same time, he became the division chief of clinical pharmacy in VGHTPE and in charge of clinical pharmacy services, inpatient pharmacy, emergency pharmacy and clinical trial pharmacy. He devoted in building up pharmacist-physician collaboration platforms in clinical services, education and research. With his effors, pharmacist clinics , pharmacist-physician collaborative clinics are gradually established in VGHTPE. With broad research interests covering clinical pharmacy related topics, he has published more than 30 SCI papers. He is an active member of Taiwan Society of Health-System Pharmacists and currently serves as managing supervisor and committee chief of regulatory & ethic committee.