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Uros Cakar was born in Belgrade, Serbia where he gained education from primary and high school. Studies of pharmacy started on the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Belgrade where he gainde MSc pharmacy degree. During the studies he was secretary general of student's Pharmaceutical Research Society Dr Jovan Tucakov, and an active memeber of NAPSER-National Pharmaceutical Students Association. Uros Cakar was an active member of European Pharmaceutical Student's Association-EPSA where he was on position, EPSA Pharmaceutical Sciences Working Committee Director first from Serbia in 40 years of existence of EPSA. During the years in EPSA he was chairmen of many sessions and moderator of workshops. He is currently on PhD studies from bromatology, on Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Belgrade. His field of investigation are antioxidants from the natural products and food with particular interest on wine and fruit and their influence on human health. Beside it he is also investigating the role of pharmacists in the patient counseling, as providers of new services in pharmacy, such as an advices regarding helath and balanced nutrition and good lifestyle habits. Also is involved in the investigation of history of pharmacy in Serbia and other countries of the world. Uros Cakar was appointed by the dean in the Committee for foundation of exhibition in History of Pharmacy museum at the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Belgrade. On FIP world congress 2016. organized in Buenos Aires, Argentina he was a co-chairmen of the session for history of pharmacy and speaker in the same session with the topic regarding the Serbian medieval pharmacy. Uros Cakar is author of many scientific publications in the field of pharmacy.