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Christina Durinck, President of the Danish Association of Pharmaconomists. Since 2014, I have been president of the trade union and professional association of pharmaconomists (pharmacy technicians) in Denmark. Before that I was vice president of the association for 7 years. This year I have also been elected president of the European Association of Pharmacy Technicians, EAPT. I am 36 years old, living in Copenhagen and raised in Jutland. I am a trained pharmaconomist and graduated in 2007. The association fills the most in my life and occupies a lot of my time. It is a demanding job with a lot of expectations from the members (over 90% of pharmaconomists in pharmacies). The association has collective agreements with the centrally organized though privately owned Community Pharmacy sector, the public Hospital Pharmacy sector, as well as a few private companies. We have union representatives at 75% of Community Pharmacies and 100% of Hospital Pharmacies. Union representatives are voluntary and there is an average of 10 pharmaconomists at each Community Pharmacy.