Programme by Topic

The Congress Programme will touch on eight main topics with several  sessions throughout. These topics range from medicines and the  healthcare team of the future, ensuring the safe and responsible use of  medicines, the future medicines supply chain and and how best to  contribute to the healthcare economy of the future.

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E. Targeting special interests

Topic coordinator: Zuzana Kusynová


In many healthcare situations, combining natural medicines (or dietary supplements) and conventional medicines can often result in good outcomes for symptom control of chronic conditions. Pharmacists will be keen to understand the evidence base that supports these products. This topic covers the quality and regulatory background for natural medicines, the evidence base, prevalence of use, and it will use case studies to illustrate the use of these products in practice. By the end, participants will be able to categorise natural medicines, and appreciate the customer base, understand the regulation and ethical considerations defining responsible use, and the evidence base that supports these products. Delegates may also wish to reflect on any further individual learning needs to support the use of these products in practice.