Programme by Topic

The Congress Programme will touch on eight main topics with several  sessions throughout. These topics range from medicines and the  healthcare team of the future, ensuring the safe and responsible use of  medicines, the future medicines supply chain and and how best to  contribute to the healthcare economy of the future.

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B. Precision pharmacotherapy

Precision medicine is an emerging model that seeks to customise therapy to subpopulations of patients, categorised by shared molecular and cellular biomarkers, to improve treatment outcomes. In contrast, personalised medicine refers to the tailoring of procedures and therapeutic interventions on an individual patient level. Advances in analytical methods and computational algorithms have enabled the identification of intrinsic and extrinsic factors that regulate individual responses to medicines on an unprecedented level. Pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists are experts in applied therapeutics and uniquely positioned to integrate and utilise diverse experimental approaches to realising precision and personalised pharmacotherapy. New approaches to designing single-agent and combination medicine regimens for patient subpopulations are becoming feasible owing to detailed patient information available from genomic, proteomic, and metabolic platforms, along with molecular imaging and diagnostic capabilities. On an individual level, pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists can personalise pharmacotherapy through compounding and/or regimen individualisation techniques such as population analysis. There are many technical, ethical, and regulatory challenges to be addressed in this field. However, it is clearly evident that “one-size does not fit all” and that patients and health care systems desperately need, and will benefit from, research and implementation of precision and individualised strategies to medicine therapy.


  • dose/regimen individualisation
  • pharmacogenomics
  • systems pharmacology
  • compounding and formulations
  • targeted medicine delivery
  • biomarkers
  • molecular diagnostics
  • targeted medicine design
  • pharmacoimaging
  • proteomics
  • metabolomics